You want to apply for funding?

We are always open-minded to considering the numerous applications for supporting projects which our charitable foundation receives. If your project coincides with our funding purposes and requirements, don’t hesitate to file your application.

Please follow thoroughly the subsequent steps!


Our main focus

The focus of our foundation lies on providing and securing aid for people on-site, in- and outside the region, on a national and international basis in a sustainable manner.
Main areas of support range within help for women and children, health and emergency aid.

  • Promoting and supporting social and clerical services and projects as well as their development at home and abroad
  • Supporting people in delicate situations – above all women and children with a clear focus on „help for self-help“
  • Promoting the integration of people into society with a focus on solidarity and subsidiarity

Your project meets our requirements and you want to apply for funding?

In this case please fill in the application below and forward it to:

Agnes Philippine Walter Stiftung
Berstraße 20
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Agnes Philippine Walter Stiftung
Bergstraße 20
73525 Schwäbisch Gmünd

Tel. 07171 . 921999-0